Ross Tregenza (robotochan) wrote in gotekiphuture,
Ross Tregenza


Hi Guys,

We wanted to let you know that as of August 2008, Goteki will be reforming. We're very excited to be resurrecting the band, and are already working on new material.

The decision came after a charity reunion gig we played earlier this year - it made us realize how much we love performing the songs. Plus our new band Lamorna was starting to sound more and more like Goteki, so the decision was easy.

So far the confirmed line-up is me, Ross Tregenza ( who you may know as Sneaky ) on synths and vocals, and Alastair Power ( aka Ali-Star of Goteki / Lamorna ) on Bass. We'll be looking to expand the band out with either veteran Goteki stars or new musicians as time goes on.

We are currently compiling a 'best of' collection of everything so far, plus outtakes, remixes and live versions that'll appear on iTunes, and a new EP 'Santa Muerte' which we plan to release this winter.

Check out for more news.

Ross, Goteki
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